Miniature Lithium Tantalate Crystal Units

Metal-glass package UM-1 Scale 2:1

Frequency, MHz 140.90
Calibration tolerance at 25 C, Df/fn, ppm 100 ~ 300
Temperature stability, D f/fn, ppm 300
Operating temperature range, C -60 to +40 C
Equivalent series resistance, R1(max),Ohm 30
Shunt capacitance, 0, pF 2.5
Dynamic capacitance, 1, pF 0.20
Capacitance coefficient, r = 0/1 13
Quality factor, Q 300
Fundamental mode
Inverted mesa crystal
Miniature package
Center ground lead available
Wide frequency range

VCXOs based on lithium tantalate crystals have a pulling range up to 0,5% by controlling load capacitance from 4 to 30 pF. Temperature stability of these crystals is about 10 times better than that of LC circuits. Q-factor values of the fundamental mode lithium tantalate crystals are within the range of 300 and 500. Possible fields of application for the fundamental mode lithium tantalate crystals are:
        -carrier restorers,
        -frequency synthesizers.